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Insurance Policies & Services in Brampton

As one of the leading businesses in Brampton, Goodison Insurance seeks to help individuals, businesses, and families protect their lives, valuables, and finances through well-tailored insurance solutions. We provide our clients with tailor-made insurance coverage that fits your needs and budget. Simply schedule a meeting with our insurance professionals in Brampton to discuss the best coverage plan for you.

The Brampton Lifestyle

Brampton is a vibrant and diverse cosmopolitan with a population of about 600,000 people. As a suburban city of Toronto and the fourth-fastest growing city in the country, Brampton attracts people of different cultures and ranks fifth among Canadian cities with the largest number of visible minorities. In fact, about 60 percent of the population comprises visible minorities, especially South Asians. Most of the immigrants live in Fletcher’s Creek South, creating a diverse neighbourhood of condos, detached homes, and townhomes.

Other popular communities include Castlemore, which has a range of modest and executive home with easy access to various amenities including parks, shopping plazas, and golf courses; the downtown core which has a blend of heritage houses and condos, apartments, single-family homes, and townhouse developments; and the upscale Gore Meadows, which has become popular for its surrounding open green spaces.

Brampton also boasts a diverse economy that provides employment in different sectors, including manufacturing, communications, IT, retail administration, business, and life sciences. With its competitive corporate tax structure, the city continues to attract more small and medium-sized businesses such as retail shops, warehouses, factories, and foodservice. Some people working in Toronto prefer to settle in Brampton because of its lower cost of living compared to the big city.

The people of Brampton enjoy not only a well-developed economic base but also a high quality of life. In fact, Brampton is the first city in the Greater Toronto Area, and among the 10 cities in North America recognized by the World Health Organization as an International Safe Community. Moreover, it boasts an abundance of flowers to compete with Strathcona in Alberta or Prince George in British Columbia, earning the title of Canada’s Flower City.

Insurance Options to Protect your Property and Business

Generally, Brampton attracts many people due to its proximity to the city of Toronto, cultural diversity, safe neighbourhoods, and access to many recreation features. This includes over 400 parks and 90km of trails, curling rinks, soccer fields, tennis courts, fitness centres, and more. These factors make it a suitable place for raising a family, starting a business, or simply visiting for leisure. As one of the businesses in the city of Brampton, Good Insurance is proud to give you peace of mind by providing customized insurance solutions that meet your needs and budget that include:

Auto insurance in Brampton

It’s illegal to drive anywhere in Ontario without auto insurance. If caught doing so in Brampton, you could get your driver’s license suspended or fined. Your vehicle could also get impounded or worse. To avoid such problems, you should get the minimum car insurance coverage required by law before getting behind the wheel.

Generally, your auto insurance quote may include:

  • Liability insurance – This policy covers the medical bills or repairs to property damage for third parties, following an accident where you’re at fault, so you don’t have to pay them out of your pocket.

  • Collision insurance – This coverage helps you pay the cost of repair or replace your car in the event that you collide with another vehicle or run into an object.

  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance – Your policy can cater for the repairs or replacement of your vehicle in the event that it gets stolen or damaged in a fire, due to vandalism or falling objects like in bad weather, or in an accident except for a collision.

We have different car insurance plans for individuals, commercial vehicles, or fleets. When it comes to filing a claim for coverage, our advisors are available to help you navigate the process, so it’s easy to insure and maintain your vehicle.

Health Insurance in Brampton

As a resident of Brampton, Ontario, you can take advantage of many health insurance plans provided via Special Benefits Insurance Services. With the right plan, you can have the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are financially prepared to deal with injuries or illness.

Thanks to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, many medical costs are covered. At Goodison Insurance, we help to supplement your OHIP coverage to you, and your loved ones are fully protected. Our health insurance products help to fill gaps that exist in your provincial OHIP coverage, giving you the most comprehensive health insurance benefits possible in Brampton.

Tenant Insurance in Brampton

Also known as contents insurance or renter’s insurance, tenant insurance policy is different from your landlord’s property insurance policy. While the landlord’s policy seeks to protect the investment, which is the building itself, our tenant insurance policy seeks to protect your personal belongings, and yourself in case of any injuries or damages where you’re at fault.

Your tenant insurance policy covers:

  • Your belongings in your house, vehicle, or with you when travelling. Some items like jewelry have maximum limits, while others are excluded from your policy. In such cases, you may need to add a rider or floater to your policy.

  • Your living expenses when insured circumstances cause you to be displaced from your home. For instance, your policy can help to pay your hotel bills and moving costs if you’re unable to live in your apartment for the duration of the repairs, following an insured loss like floods or fire.

  • Your liabilities in the event that you get sued by someone visiting your home or residing in another unit. For instance, if a fire in your kitchen spread to a neighbouring unit, or if floods in your unit damage the unit underneath, or if your pet dog bites someone, you may be responsible for the damages. Tenant insurance can protect you from such financial implications.

Our professional insurance advisors work with you to calculate the premium for your tenant insurance. This assures you that your possessions are safe from theft or damage and that you’re protected from liabilities.

RRSP in Brampton

At Goodison Insurance, we help people of all ages who have an income, register and start saving for their retirement through RRSP. It allows you, your spouse or common-law partner to contribute to the plan. This plan also offers substantial tax benefits, including lower-income tax (RRSP contributions are deductible), and the opportunity to grow your money tax-free, since you are not required to pay taxes on your earnings via RRSP until you receive payments from the savings plan.

Through your RRSP funds, we can offer you an investment option known as segregated funds. It’s similar to mutual funds in that your segregated funds are invested in bonds, stocks, and many other investments. One important difference, however, is that all (or most) of your principal investment in segregated funds is guaranteed upon maturity or death, whereas mutual funds are not guaranteed. Our professional advisors can help you determine how much you need to save to maintain your lifestyle or live even more comfortably after retirement.

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Our insurance coverage options range from auto to health insurance plans and are available to all people, including individuals, students, retirees, or entrepreneurs. Please visit our office in Brampton to discuss with our professional insurance advisors about how to fully protect yourself and your loved ones from unforeseen problems.

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