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Insurance Brokers in Caledon

Choosing an insurance provider involves more than comparing quotes. Getting your coverage from Goodison Insurance in Caledon means tapping into the expertise of highly qualified, experienced insurance advisors in town. With our offices spread across Ontario and Caledon, we make it easier for you to access our network of insurance advisors who can assist you whenever you have questions about your insurance policy or in times of emergency.

The Caledon Lifestyle

Situated in the Regional Municipality of Peel in the GTA, the town of Caledon is a primarily rural, though developing urban area that provides its 70,000 residents with a blend of rural and urban lifestyles. The town has a variety of characteristics that provide its people with a superior quality of life and business success, including its strategic location within an hour’s drive to Toronto. Caledon also attracts a skilled and diversified labour force within the Greater Toronto Area. But perhaps its greatest advantage is its safety, considering that the Maclean Magazine has named Caledon as the safest community in the country for the last several years.

Residents and visitors enjoy Caledon’s distinctive mix of vibrant urban neighbourhoods and enduring rural traditions serviced by a variety of convenient amenities. The town of Caledon comprises multiple communities, with each hamlet and village exhibiting its own unique charm. The growing real estate sector provides home buyers with a wide selection, including semi-detached units, townhomes, heritage properties, country estates, and condos. For recreation, families can enjoy the myriad of community events and annual arts festivals that are distributed throughout the year.

The town of Caledon also boasts magnificent infrastructure with the direct road, rail, and air access. These all have played a key role in supporting the success of over 1,700 businesses serving the community. There are many other incentives for starting a business in Caledon, such as the town’s competitive tax rates, considering it has the lowest corporate income tax rate and employer tax rate in all of the G-7, and its generous R&D tax incentive program. The town also offers 20 – 27.5% development charge discounts under the Green Development Program for any constructions that adopt the highest international environmental standards – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Insurance Options to Protect your Property and Business

Caledon is not only recognized for its safety, but also its natural landscapes, parks, and protected conservation areas as an award-winning green community. With its hiking trails, farmer’s markets, hunting and fishing spots, and cultured city, residents, businesses, and visitors can enjoy the best that the community has to offer.

And for your peace of mind, Goodison Insurance provides several insurance coverage options to help protect you and your loved one’s physical, emotional, and economic health. Our insurance services include:

Health Insurance in Caledon

Through taxes, the national government provides the people of Ontario with basic health care via the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. This coverage can help settle the bills for a variety of health care services that are considered to be medically necessary, such as visits to the family doctor or relevant specialty. This also includes most emergency and basic health care services.

Although OHIP is good, it’s also limited. This means that some essential items may not be covered, such as prescription drugs for people under 65 or specialized services like dental, physiotherapy, chiropractors, podiatrists, or massage therapists. At Goodison Insurance, we pick up where your government-sponsored health insurance plan stops. We can provide you with a suitable health insurance policy to help offset the costs of services not included in your OHIP.

Auto Insurance in Caledon

Goodison Insurance provides a variety of car insurance policies designed to keep Caledon drivers and their vehicles protected. Generally, vehicle owners should have a good auto insurance plan to protect their property and minimize liability risks.

Your auto insurance quote may include:

  • Liability insurance – This coverage provides a financial safety net for at-fault accidents that causes bodily injury to a third party or damage to their property. While you and your vehicle are not covered under this policy, any bodily injuries or property damage to third parties will be handled so you don’t have to pay them out of your pocket.

  • Collision insurance – This option can help to pay the cost of repairing or replacing your car following a collision. Unlike liability insurance, collision coverage is optional unless you want to lease your vehicle.

  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance – This policy protects you and your vehicle from damage or loss. It can cater for the repairs or replacement of your vehicle in the event that it gets stolen or damaged in a fire, due to vandalism or falling objects like in bad weather, or in an accident except for a collision. It is also not mandatory unless you’re using your vehicle for business, but it can give you peace of mind with all-rounded coverage.

With our professional advisors, you can tap into our knowledge and experience to get your customized auto insurance quote that reduces your risks, fits your budget, and gives you peace of mind.

RRSP in Caledon

Getting your RRSP from a life insurance company offers various benefits that may not be provided by your bank. For instance, at Goodison Insurance, we can offer you a secure option known as segregated funds. It’s similar to mutual funds in that your segregated funds are invested in bonds, stocks, and many other investments. One important difference, however, is that all (or most) of your principal investment in segregated funds is guaranteed upon maturity or death, whereas mutual funds are not guaranteed.

To learn more about how RRSP can fit into your long-term financial plan, please visit our Goodison Insurance office at Caledon. Our professional advisors can help you determine how much you need to save to maintain your lifestyle or live even more comfortably after retirement.

Tenant Insurance in Caledon

As a tenant in Caledon, you’re not required to have tenant insurance. Your tenant policy is different from your landlord’s policy. While the latter only covers the physical building or your dwelling unit, your tenant policy protects your personal belongings and the financial implications from any loss, such as:

  • Theft or damage to your belongings in your house, vehicle, or with you when on the move.

  • Living expenses, such as hotel bills and moving costs if you’re unable to live in your apartment for the duration of the repairs, following an insured loss like floods or fire.

  • Liability from incidents where you may get sued. For instance, if a fire in your kitchen spread to a neighbouring unit, or if floods in your unit damage the unit underneath, or if your pet dog bites someone, you may be responsible for the damages.

Our professional insurance advisors work with you to calculate the premium for your tenant insurance. This depends on your place of residence, claims history, the value of your contents, the type of building you reside, and your chosen deductible.

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Our insurance coverage options range from auto to health insurance plans and are available to all people, including individuals, students, retirees, or entrepreneurs. Please visit our office in Caledon to discuss with our professional insurance advisors about how to fully protect yourself and your loved ones from unforeseen problems.

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