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There’s no shortage of online insurance quotes in Halton. Yet beyond the proposed amount on insurance premiums, you need to do more research, so you know exactly what your policy entails. Turning to Goodison Insurance means tapping into the knowledge and expertise of insurance professionals who prioritize the needs of the community to give you the coverage that matches your needs and budget.

Living in Halton Region

According to MoneySense magazine, Halton Region is one of the best places to live in Ontario, Canada, with its Oakville (1), Milton (4), Halton Hills (5), and Burlington (15) municipalities ranking in the top 15 places to live. The ranking is based on 10 categories, namely population growth, affordability, wealth and economy, taxes, crime, commute, culture, amenities, weather, and access to health care. Considering that 25 out of the top 50 places to live in Canada are situated in Ontario, the Halton Region is indeed an attractive place for families, businesses, and visitors.

Halton is home to over 580,000 people, who are drawn to this region due to its strong economy, decent weather, and easy access to cultural amenities in Ottawa and Toronto. The region’s growth rate is one of the highest in Canada, yet it remains one of the top five safest places to live in the country and the safest in the GTA. That said, most of the growth is concentrated in the urban areas of Milton, Oakville, and Burlington, while a considerable proportion remains rural as part of the protected Niagara Escarpment Plan or the provincial Greenbelt.

Insurance Options to Protect your Property and Business

Ontario’s Health and Social Services committee claims that residents of Halton have a longer life expectancy compared to other people in the province. There are multiple driving factors, such as good health and higher socioeconomic status. This also means that residents have access to great insurance coverage options for risk control.

At Goodison Insurance, our professional advisors can help you come up with a tailor-made insurance package that addresses your unique needs within your budget. Our range of insurance options include:

RRSP in Halton Region

An RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) allows Canadians to start saving for retirement as soon as you have an income that they report to the Canada Revenue Agency. With this plan, you can save any amount up to 18% of your annual income or your annual contribution limit for each year. At Goodison Insurance, we help people of all ages who have an income, register and start saving for their retirement through RRSP.

While you can buy an RRSP from a bank, we recommend that you get it from your life insurance provider to maximize the type of investments that your RRSP offers. For instance, at Goodison Insurance, we can offer you a secure option known as segregated funds. It’s similar to mutual funds in that your segregated funds are invested in bonds, stocks, and many other investments. One important difference, however, is that all (or most) of your principal investment in segregated funds is guaranteed upon maturity or death, whereas mutual funds are not guaranteed.

To learn more about how RRSP can fit into your long-term financial plan, please visit our Goodison Insurance office at Halton Region. Our professional advisors can help you determine how much you need to save to maintain your lifestyle or live even more comfortably after retirement.

Auto Insurance

If caught driving anywhere in Ontario without auto insurance, you could get yourself in all kinds of trouble, like a driver’s license suspension, fined, or even get your vehicle impounded. To avoid such problems, you should get the minimum car insurance coverage required by law before getting behind the wheel.

At Goodison Insurance, our professional advisors help you get the auto insurance coverage you need to protect yourself and your property. This usually means getting a car insurance quote for more than the bare minimum, so you’re protected from the variety of risks that you can encounter on Ontario roads. Our team seeks to understand and address your unique needs, so you can clearly express the value of your car, the risks you’re exposed to, and the features you’d like.

We have different car insurance plans for individuals, commercial vehicles, or fleets. When it comes to filing a claim for coverage, our advisors are available to help you navigate the process, so insuring and maintaining your vehicle is easy.

Tenant Insurance in Halton

Many tenants assume that all liability is carried by their landlord’s policy. However, this only covers the physical building or your dwelling unit, but not your personal belongings. To protect your belongings, you should consider getting a tenant insurance policy. Replacing any items that get damaged in an incident, such as a fire or flooding, can be very expensive. Your electronics, furniture, houseware, clothing, silverware, jewelry, sports equipment, and other items can be lost in an instant, yet replacing them can be a huge financial burden for most people.

Fortunately, you can protect all your possessions from theft or damage by getting tenant insurance. This coverage protects your items, whether they’re in your home, outside, in your car, or anywhere in the world. So if your sports gear is stolen out of your car or your camera gets stolen while on holiday, your tenant insurance policy covers the loss.

Health Insurance in Halton

The financial implications of unexpected injuries, health conditions, or illnesses can be distressing. For people under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, this government-sponsored health insurance scheme can help settle the bills for most emergency and basic health care services, such as visits to the family doctor or relevant specialty.

Yet OHIP is rarely satisfactory in its coverage. It is limited in that some essential items may not be covered, such as prescription drugs for people under 65 or specialized services like dental, physiotherapy, chiropractors, podiatrists, or massage therapists. At Goodison Insurance, we can provide you with a suitable health insurance policy to help offset the costs of services not included in your OHIP.

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Our insurance coverage options range from auto to health insurance plans and are available to all people, including individuals, students, retirees, or entrepreneurs. Please visit our office in Halton to discuss with our professional insurance advisors about how to fully protect yourself and your loved ones from unforeseen problems.

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