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Insurance Brokers in Mississauga

Finding the right insurance provider in Mississauga, whether for your car, business, or health, requires a bit of research so you can get a professional who genuinely understands your needs. At Goodison Insurance, we provide our clients with tailor-made insurance coverage that fits your needs and budget. With our insurance professionals spread across Mississauga and beyond, you can easily and convenient schedule one-on-one meetings to discuss the best coverage plan for you.

Living in Mississauga

The sixth-largest city in Canada, Mississauga is located on the eye-catching waterfront of Lake Ontario in the southern part of the province. Home to 830,000 people, the city of Mississauga attracts families, businesses, and visitors due to its close proximity to downtown Toronto (30-minute drive), Niagara Falls, and even the US border (90 minutes).

Considering that most people prefer to spend about two-thirds of their time within their neighbourhoods, many families are attracted to various towns in Mississauga because of easy access to green spaces, dining, shopping, quality schools, public transit, and community and cultural centres. In fact, the city of Mississauga is considered to be one of the best places to live in Canada, especially in Cooksville, Port Credit, and Streetsville. Our insurance services in Mississauga include:

Insurance Options to Protect your Property and Business

Mississauga attracts many people due to its proximity to the city of Toronto. Not only that, it has several huge malls, festivals that celebrate diversity, and arts programs. To add to all that, there’s tons of trails and lakes to visit throughout so you don’t feel too boxed in the city. As one of the businesses in the city of Mississauga, Good Insurance is proud to provide customized insurance solutions that meet your needs and budget that include:

Auto Insurance in Mississauga

Driving can be dangerous irrespective of the measures you take for safe driving since unforeseen things can happen to you or other road users. Contact Goodison Insurance today for your car insurance quote so you’re covered when the unexpected happens. Mississauga residents can visit our local branch to discuss your needs with our experienced advisors so you can find the right coverage within your budget.

Your premiums for auto insurance will depend on different factors beyond your coverage amount and deductible, such as:

  • Your insurance history – At Goodison Insurance, we welcome all people looking to get car insurance for their first car, or those looking to switch to a better provider in Mississauga. Drivers who have a record of making claims for every type of damage may incur higher car premiums.

  • Your driving record – Every insurer needs to assess the risk of the client based on your history of past road violations and tickets, and accidents, including the severity of each incident, to help in designing your car insurance quote. This means that you can enjoy lower rates is you practice road safety.

  • Your type of car, its age, make, and model – Vehicles with fewer safety features, those that are high theft targets, or those that are more expensive to repair will have higher car premiums.

  • Your location – The risk of accidents and incidents is not equal across Ontario or Mississauga. Drivers in areas that experience extreme weather patterns, higher crime rates, or more traffic may incur higher auto premiums.

  • Your personal demographics – Although there’s nothing you can do about yourself, personal factors such as your gender, age, and even marital status can influence your likelihood of getting into an accident, which in turn affects your car premiums.

At Goodison Insurance, our professional advisors will help you get the auto insurance coverage you need to protect yourself and your property. This usually means getting a car insurance quote for more than the bare minimum, so you’re protected from the variety of risks that you can encounter on Ontario roads. Our team seeks to understand and address your unique needs, so you can clearly express the value of your car, the risks you’re exposed to, and the features you’d like.

Health Insurance in Mississauga

Residents of Mississauga, Ontario, can take advantage of the health insurance plans provided via Special Benefits Insurance Services. Thanks to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, many medical costs are covered. At Goodison Insurance, we help to supplement your OHIP coverage to you and your loved ones are fully protected. Our health insurance products help to fill gaps that exist in your provincial OHIP coverage, giving you the most comprehensive health insurance benefits possible in Brampton. With the right plan, you can have the peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be financially prepared to deal with injuries or illness.

Tenant Insurance in Mississauga

Your landlord’s insurance policy and tenant insurance policy serves to protect the needs of each party. While the landlord’s policy seeks to protect the investment, which is the building itself, a tenant insurance policy seeks to protect your personal belongings, and yourself in case of any injuries or damages where you’re at fault.

Your tenant insurance policy covers your belongings in your house, vehicle, or with you when traveling. If it’s insufficient, like for expensive jewelry, then you may need to add a rider or floater to your policy. The policy also covers your living expenses when insured circumstances cause you to be displaced from your home, like when you need to stay in a hotel while your apartment gets repaired, following an insured loss like floods or fire. In the event of liabilities, like when you get sued for a fire that starts in your kitchen and spreads to a neighbouring unit, or if floods in your unit damage the unit underneath, or if your pet dog bites someone, your tenant insurance can also protect you from such financial implications.

RRSP in Mississauga

Rather than going to your bank for RRSP, our professionals can help you get started and help you grow your money more, tax-free. At Goodison Insurance, we help people of all ages, who have an income, register and start saving for their retirement through RRSP. It allows you, your spouse, or a common-law partner to contribute to the plan. Through your RRSP funds, we can offer you an investment option known as segregated funds. It’s similar to mutual funds in that your segregated funds will be invested in bonds, stocks, and many other investments. One important difference, however, is that all (or most) of your principal investment in segregated funds is guaranteed upon maturity or death, whereas mutual funds are not guaranteed.

Our professional advisors will help you determine how much you need to save to maintain your lifestyle or live even more comfortably after retirement.

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