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4 Reasons to Bundle Your Home and Auto Insurance

Posted by  on 2020-10-01  10:00:03 AM
Why do you need to bundle home and auto insurance?

When you want peace of mind that you, your loved ones, and your belongings are safe and secure, planning and insurance are essential. Home and auto insurance provides the security needed to deal with any unexpected accidents or situations.

A home and auto insurance policy should cover the costs so that you are not faced with costly and unexpected expenses. When it comes to insurance, shopping around and doing your research before selecting a policy is essential. You have to thoroughly understand what is and is not covered under your insurance plan before agreeing to it.

Most insurance companies don’t just offer a single type of insurance. Many companies provide both auto and home insurance, and in most cases, bundling the two is a good idea. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the fact that home and auto insurance can be combined. We’re here to share four reasons why combining the two can be beneficial for you.

Discounted Prices and Lower Overall Rate

Irrespective of income and wealth, there is no denying that everyone enjoys a good deal. If you qualify for discounts, you can reduce the overall premium on your insurance policy. Most insurance providers offer discounts and special offers, so it isn’t hard to get a good deal.

One of these discounts is referred to as the multi-policy discount. When you combine your home and auto insurance and purchase it as a bundle, you will qualify for the multi-policy discount. Bundling your home and auto insurance policies can save you up to 20% on your insurance premiums. Often, simultaneous damage to your home and car means you may only have to pay a single deductible if your home and auto insurance are bundled.

When you combine multiple policies, insurance companies can more efficiently manage your claims in a single portfolio. You can then access lower premium rates, helping you to save money.

Only Deal With One Insurance Company

Dealing with insurance companies and trying to iron out your policy’s details can be tiring and frustrating. Having to deal with two different insurance companies — one for your home insurance and another for your auto insurance — can be twice as complicated.

Why not save yourself the aggravation and simplify your life by getting both your auto and home insurance from the same insurer?

You can simplify your life even further and remove the stress of making payments on time by setting up auto-payments. This way, your money will always be deducted automatically and on time, ensuring your plan is always in effect, and you don’t experience gaps in your policy. Whether you set-up auto payments or not, bundling your insurance package means you will only have a single monthly payment to make.

Only Deal With One Insurance Representative

Wading through piles of paperwork just to ask a simple question about your insurance policy can be a headache, so doing the same thing for two different insurance policies and dealing with two companies can be twice as difficult.

The benefit of bundling your home and auto insurance is that you have a single representative to speak and work with when you have any questions about your policy, billing, coverage, or filing a claim. All your problems and concerns can be handled by a single representative to save you time and energy.

Your Home is in a High-Risk Area

When your home is situated in a high-risk area, it can be harder to get coverage for it. High-risk areas refer to areas that experience extreme weather such as storms or wildfires very frequently, or areas which have a relatively high crime rate.

If you take out several policies — or a combined policy — with the same company, they are typically less likely to cancel your home insurance should a devastating natural event occur. As a homeowner in a high-risk area, you have a better chance of getting and holding on to your home insurance if you get all your insurance policies from the same company.

Bundling your home and auto insurance is an excellent way to help simplify your life, and with the fast-paced lifestyles of most, this more straightforward route can help free up a lot of time. Save yourself the headache of speaking with multiple insurance companies and representatives by bundling your home and auto insurance.

By dealing with a single company and representative who knows and understands your unique situation, assets, and needs, you’ll be able to get the best deals and discounts through a fast and straightforward process.

As convenient as bundling may appear, however, it can be easy to develop tunnel vision when you’re only dealing with one insurance company. You can become blind to better deals and insurance policies if all of your claims are filed with a single company.

Be sure to compare what you are currently paying for your auto and home insurance to make sure you get the best deal possible if you choose to bundle. Ensure that you follow all the proper procedures if you choose to switch to avoid any cancellation fees. You’ll usually be able to bundle your home and auto insurance at the very beginning of the insurance process by listing any other assets or property you want to be insured.

Our team at Goodison Insurance is committed to quality customer service and can help you find the right policy to provide you with the coverage you need. Your safety and peace of mind are at the forefront of our company.

To learn more about why you should bundle your home and auto insurance, call Goodison Insurance at (833) 932-1368 or contact us here.

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