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The benefits of using an insurance broker

Posted by  on 2018-06-13  11:42:37 AM

Why You Need an Insurance Broker to Shop for Auto Coverage

You have your hands full with activities and engagements throughout the day; the last thing you need is to hunt around for an insurance broker. It is time-consuming and expensive. You are never sure of the right coverage too.

At Goodison Insurance and Financial Services, we have been serving Brampton, Ontario and the GTA with affordable and trusted insurance from the best companies. Our proven track record has won us awards for excellence in service since 1936. We know the market and have the expertise to scour for the best coverage and talent for you, at the best price.

We can predict your next question. Should you choose an insurance agent or an insurance broker? Allow us to explain.

Difference Between an Insurance Agent and an Insurance Broker

When you shop for auto insurance, you need a representative to not only look around for you but also look out for you. An agent represents an insurance company. A broker is independent. When you hire an independent insurance broker, you may get better deals because they have the ability to find more affordable premiums simply because they are not associated with a company, hence have access to more products. Companies sell a limited number of insurance products. Brokers are also registered with the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) that binds them to the Code of Ethics to offer practices in your best interest and help you make an informed choice.

Here are some other reasons why an insurance broker serves you better:

Full Understanding of Procedures

Lost in the world of insurance and risk management? Let experts give you a hand. Many insurance brokers act as agents but not everyone fully explains the procedures to you. What you need is a professional who takes time to understand your concerns and address them, not impose their views on you in the company’s interest.

Shopping for Customized Coverage

If you have special requests and little knowledge of unusual insurance products, you need an experienced hand to advise you on the right coverage. Independent brokers are in the position to select the right insurance company for you to work with because they are in regular contact with them. At Goodison, we make sure you get customized coverage and exclusive deals within your budget.

No Additional Fees

The best part is that your broker will not cost you anything extra. We are paid a commission by your insurance provider for selling their products to you. You don’t need to pay over and above your premium.

Translating Insurance Jargon

We understand that it is hard for you to understand the complex language of the insurance world. As your broker, we ensure your insurance provider clearly discloses your policy and you have a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions. We take you through competitive products, explain the breakdown and often negotiate a personalized quote from brokers, based on the relationship we have with them over the years.

Best Deals at the Best Quotes

It’s in our interest to make the road easier for you. We go to every length to get you the best policies to save you hassles and anxiety.

Visit our Goodison Insurance website to have your concerns about auto insurance answered or simply call us for further help.

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