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Commercial Business/Liability Insurance Coverage

What Does Our Commercial Liability Insurance Cover?

Every investment is also a risk — certain conditions and events can impact its success, just as they provide opportunities. Despite best efforts and industry standards, interactions with customers and vendors can be impacted by certain factors like accidental injuries, professional negligence, property crime, and weather conditions — risks that businesses like yours can be held responsible for.

In case of an accident or disaster, affected third parties can file liability claims if they suffer property damage and other losses from these risks when interacting with your business. Commercial liability insurance protects you from tremendous losses when these risks are not mitigated.

You cannot always control the nature of these interactions, but you can take steps to ensure safety and avoid losses. Commercial liability insurance sets you up for resilience — it offers financial protection from these risks so that you can manage liability claims for third-party property damage and profit losses and secure business continuity in the face of these challenges. Commercial liability insurance coverage includes:

  • Commercial property
  • General liability
  • Business interruption and profit losses
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Professional liability
  • Product liability
  • Directors and Officers liability
  • Cyber liability.

Need for A Commercial Insurance Broker

There may be many providers of commercial liability insurance, but only an experienced broker can help you navigate your options and customize a policy to your needs. You can trust our licensed commercial insurance brokers to:

  • Identify risks and provide ongoing risk mitigation expertise tailored to your company size and industry
  • Source and recommend the most affordable and cost-effective commercial liability insurance quotes from the most reputable providers
  • Find and tailor the best commercial liability insurance for your company size, industry, and financial portfolio
  • Support you through a liability claim
  • Determine industry-specific commercial liability insurance needs of auto dealerships, aircraft and aviation companies, industrial manufacturers, contractors, oil and gas providers, hospitality and retail establishments, IT companies, healthcare providers, non-profit organizations, trucking and transport solutions, and more.
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